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Having the right gear can have a tremendous effect on your productivity and enjoyment. I have learned a great deal from other who have shared their travel gadgets and gear, helping me to become more efficient, travelling lighter and smarter. I thought I would share my current travel gear as it might help others with their decisions:

Sony-Vaio-Pro-132-600x400 (1)


1. Laptop:  Sony VAIO Pro 13.3-Inch Core i7 Touchscreen Ultrabook: At only 2.34 pounds this laptop has significantly reduced the weight I carry when I travel. It’s so light that I often forget that I am carrying it. Not only is it light but it is super fast, I am very happy with the purchase and it’s performance. The only issue I have had with the laptop is a slight problem with the Wifi card. An added bonus is the portable USB router that comes included,allowing you to share your hotel’s internet with your other devices without being charged for it.

But it on Amazon here.



2. Bag: Osprey Ozone Wheeled Convertible Luggage – 22″ They say things become easier the more times you do them, but when it comes to packing I find it’s the opposite . This is one of the reasons I don’t like the idea of living out of a back pack for any extended period of time. Since buying this bag, the issue and many more have been solved. Not only does it have a good sized main comportment, which is small enough to be taken as hand luggage  on a plane . This bag also has a removable day pack with compartments for my laptop and  heavy duty wheels for  easy transportation in the city. When you arrive at your hotel you can unzip the day pack and leave the main bag in your hotel. Amazing, versatile design, I don’t think I could travel without it anymore.

Buy it on Amazon or if you are a member or REI if you are a member.


3. Phone: Iphone 5 My phone is my most used device . As soon as I land in a different country, I buy a local SIM card with a data package (usually a few dollars in Asia) and I’m good to go. I use my phone to keep in touch with my business and personal Email as well as finding my way around using Google maps,not to mention all the other apps that help me to run my life when travelling. I use Evernote to keep a copy of my passport and all my other travel documents as well as GoTasks which syncs with my Google Tasks in Gmail.

Buy it on Amazon here.


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4. Ipad Mini I consume a quite a few books, videos and articles and the Ipad mini is an excellent gadget to consume media. I use a number of apps to read such as Kindle and Pocket. I also use my Kindle to learn languages using Duolingo, and to do a number of online classes on Courera.


Buy it on Amazon here

muji diary

5. Muji Diary Most people like their Moleskin diaries, I prefer the simplistic Japanese style of Muji’s stationery collection. I am happy to just browse a Muji store for an hour or two, admiring the style and beauty of the products. Every time I go to London or JFK airport, I make sure to allow myself extra time, just so I can go to Muji!

Buy it on Muji


6. Earphone Splitter:  It’s guaranteed that sometime during your travels this little device will come in useful. Most  audio splitters only allow you to share your music with one other person. With this little gadget you can share with up to 5 friends and it only costs $10!

Buy it on Amazon here. 


7. Power Converter: This converter work anywhere on earth. Unlike some power converters that have seperate pieces for each plug this unit is self contained. It also has 2 USB ports so that I can charge both my iphone and ipad while another device is hooked up to it.

Buy it on Amazon here.



8. Foldable Knife: I had this knife confiscated from me at San Juan airport last week as  I made the school boy error of forgetting to place it in my stowed bag. I will be buying another shortly.  Knifes have many uses, and I find there is always a situation when I need one when travelling. The beauty of this knife is that it folds up and fits in my wallet. I don’t always have my Leatherman pocket knife to hand but I do always have my wallet with me. The blade is immensely sharp. It is only $6 on Amazon, so it’s a no brainer for me.

Buy it on Amazon here.


9. Leatherman Juice: This multi tool is a perfect. Not only can I open bottles of wine, but it can also saw, cut, unscrew and much more. The Leatherman Juice has 14 tools and I take it with me wherever I go.

Buy it on Amazon here.


10. Satechi USB Portable Amazing Humidifier: A good nights sleep is essential for a productive day. I find that many hotel rooms are have very dry air and I often wake up with a sore-throat. This nifty little humidifier attaches to almost any water bottle and provides a decent amount of humidity through the night. It is powered by USB, so you can hook it up to your laptop or as I do, to my power converter.

Buy it on Amazon here.

sonicare toothbrush

11. USB Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush: This award winning toothbrush has the same style and feel of an iphone. I felt a little guilty paying so much money for a toothbrush, but it’s worth every cent. Not only does it have induction charging through the supplied glass, but it also has a USB travel case so that it eliminates the need to take a separate, bulgy charger with me on my travel, I can charge it from the USB port on my computer or travel adapter

Buy it on Amazon here.


12. Inflatable Pillow: I don’t usually like to sleep when I travel, I find it a good time to catch up on reading or work  However, if I am on a night flight or jet lagged it’s good to have a comfortable pillow.

Buy it on Amazon here.


13. Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs: I normally like to be woken by natural sunlight but when you are travelling you don’t want sun keeping you awake, the same with any noise.

Buy it on Amazon here.

external batter

14. External Battery: If you use your phone to hold your boarding pass and hotel reservations, it’s vital that you don’t run out of power half way through your trip. Not only will this little gadget charge your devices it also has a solar panel if you are stuck in the jungle without a plug as well as  a flashlight.

Buy it on Amazon here.

fitbit force

15. Fitbit Force: As much as I like to travel, it pushes me out of my routine and I am less likely to exercise as a result. My Fitbit is the nudge I need to keep me in check. Fitbit’s app has a very inutive user interface , allowing me to log the food that I have eaten, this works amazingly well to stop me from eating too much. I think a mindful diet is the best kind of dieting and Fitbit app really helps with this.

But it at the Fitbit Store here.


16. Nike+ SportWatch GPS: Some people like to buy a souvenir when they travel, I prefer to run in new places and use the mapped route as a souvenir. Nike has an excellent gamified interface to keep you motivate and to allow  challenge friends. If you have a Nike+ you can follow and challenge me here.

Buy it on Amazon here.


17. Aeropress with Reusable Filter: There is no doubt that the Aeropress is one of the best coffee makers around. It’s self cleaning and it’s the perfect size for travelling. I usually take a zip bag full of coffee beans that I place in the hollow section. I use the metal filter as appose to the disposable ones.

Buy the Aeropress and the Metal Filter on Amazon.



18. Hario Mini Coffee Grinder: There is nothing better than the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. As much as my routine is shaken up when I travel, one of the constants is my morning coffee. I love the simple, Japensse design of this grinder. It has a convenient measure which shows how much you need for 1 or 2 cups.

Buy it on Amazon here.


19. Travel Hip Flask: When I drink, I usually prefer a Japanese whiskey or El Dorado rum. These drinks aren’t the easiest to find so it pays to have a portable solution for these fine drinks. This flask has 2 mini cups for convenient, on the go drinking.

Buy it on Amazon here.

cigar case

20. Cigar Travel Case: I don’t smoke often, but on the right occasion , there is nothing better than having a nice cigar with some Whiskey as the sun sets in the distance, bliss!


Buy it on Amazon here.


 20. Linen Trousers: Not only do Linen trousers look stylish, they are also perfect for travelling. Linen is breathable and it keeps you cool and covered from the sun.

Buy them from Moss here.


21. Merino Wool Quattro Short Sleeve Polo: I love the versatility of this T-shirt, it can be worn out for drinks/dinner or when trekking. It is light, thin, breathable and drys quickly, keeping any bad odors  at bay after a heavy day of tropical sweating.

Buy it from Icebreaker here.


22. Merino Wool Tech Short Sleeve V: This is similar to the shirt above but without thecollar, perfect for working out or general day-to-day use.

Buy it from Icebreaker here.


23. Cashmere Sweater: Cashmere, like Merino wool, is light, soft warm and looks good. With this sweater and and a wool shirt, I rarely need a jacket

Buy it on Amazon here.


24. ASICS Men’s GEL-180 TR Cross-Training Shoe:  Shoes can take up a large amount of space in our baggage. I find that these Asics are versatile as I can wear them when I go out running, as well as hiking on trails. They are also very comfortable for every day wearing. A running shoe is never going to look good at when going out for drinks or for something a little more formal but as these are black, they definitely stand out less than most running shoes.
Buy them on Amazon here.

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