ddesouza   I’m an aspiring adventurer and social entrepreneur, owning a few different businesses. I live in North Carolina, USA but I’m originally from the UK and have lived in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Canada. My parents are from India and Germany which makes me feel like a world citizen, instead of identifying with one single country.

After reading the book ‘Banker to the Poor’ I was inspired to provide a number of small loans to entrepreneurs in the third world. It was thrilling to learn about what they were doing with their loans and to see them pay it back each month.

I also worked with USCRI to help refugees and immigrants who were coming to America, which gave me the idea to create: REseed, a microfinance fund for refugees and immigrants who wanted to start a business but lacked the credit history to obtain a regular loan.

In an attempt to combine my passion for travel with my love(/hate) of running, I am completing a marathon on every continent to raise money and awareness for this cause.

The purpose of this website is to chronicle my adventures, my life experiments and failures and to help keep myself accountable.
If you want to meet for a coffee (or beer) and talk about an idea, feel free to contact me.

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