The Pyongyang Marathon, North Korea

The following is my own opinion and not that of Kyoto Tours. At the age of 5, I flew for the first time for a family ski holiday to Austria. I remember the experience vividly. My blue leather shoes, the in-flight magazine and the strange sensation in my stomach, courtesy of the turbulence. It may have been a few decades since I took that inaugural flight,  but today I was feeling that same uneasiness about flying, something that I had not […]

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Coming last in the Colombo Marathon – October 2012

It was 2am and unable to sleep, I tossed and turned in the heat of the Sri Lankan night. The fan whirred above my head and despite having a net to protect me from the hungry mosquitos, one had managed to find a way in and was buzzing near my ear. Maybe it was the ironic worry of not getting enough sleep that was keeping me awake or the thought of what I had possibly forgotten to prepare for the […]

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Marathon 2/7 – Europe: Italy, Pisa – December 2011

With it’s 2000 year old buildings, the best possible food for marathon carb loading and the alluring smell of coffee shops and bakeries on every corner, can you think of a better country to run a marathon than Italy? My first marathon in New York City was a roller coaster of anticipation, excitement and energy that reached a peak as I felt the sense of accomplishment on crossing the finish line. The whole experience had a profound effect on me, […]